non Astro Applications

MRI Imaging:

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Application in Medical Imaging and Bioimaging:

Application in Agriculture:

  • M. Morehart, F. Murtagh and J.L. Starck, "Spatial representation of economic and financial measures used in agriculture via wavelet analysis", International Journal of Geographic Information Systems, 13, 557-576, 1999.

Application in Video Processing :

Electricity load times series forecasting 

Financial data times series forecasting and filtering 

Range Imaging:

  • G. Tsagkatakis, A. Woiselle, G. Tzagkarakis, M. Bousquet, J. L. Starck, and P. Tsakalides, “Multireturn Compressed Gated Range Imaging,” Optical Engineering, special issue on Computational Approaches to Imaging LADAR, 031106, 2015. doi:10.1117/1.OE.54.3.031106.